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Friday, October 24, 2014

Gay Baths - the good, the bad, the ugly and hot!

A while ago, there was a discussion about gay bath houses (or gay or men's saunas as they are called outside North America) on a certain discussion thread. It prompted a long response from me (at the end).

Kirk: So I have this odd obsession over bathhouses. I've only been once, and don't know if I'll go back. It was hot, and interesting, but I'm not much into an older crowd and it seems most guys that visit the baths are older, with the occasional young guy. Anyway, what I was looking for, since bathhouses do something for me, is pics/videos of guys in bathhouses.

Barebacker: It depends on where you go I guess. I know a lot of bath houses full of teens and twenty-somethings here in Europe. Some saunas (as we call them) will not even allow anyone over 25 or 30. (He lives in Belgium.)

Bike: I was bathhouse virgin until two years ago. Then I discovered The Club in St. Louis and been there several times. It part of chain of bathhouses. It is great facility, nice lay out, great staff and always great guys. 
hpb: I tried out a bathhouse in DC last week for the first time. i was the youngest person there by at least 5 years (i'm 20), but i still really enjoyed myself. i got advice that a different night of the week is better for guys my age, so i'll probably go back again on one of those nights.

Kirk: bike, the nearest bathhouse to me is actually a part of that chain. Club Indianapolis, to be exact. I'm thinking about trying again, but I'm not too sure about it. I just don't want to waste another $30 walking into a building full of people triple my age.

SilverCloud: This might be a very valid point, if you are into guys of your age group only. I go by the rule: 'Never pay for something, if you can get it for free or for less'. If you do not need to burn $30.00 to get your rocks off, well, don't.

Jack: Check out this site for helpful information:

Sunbuns99It's just a fact of (gay) life -- the baths suck (but sometimes sSOOOoo good!) Stop complaining - either try them out, recognizing the problems and limitations or shut up about it. It's probably true what was said about the timing and location are very important and it really depends on WHAT you can tolerate in order to 'get your rocks off."

If you want sex on a steady basis, then get a boyfriend or husband or marry a woman (release your inner bisexuality)..... and of course, you have to deal with everything involved in a LTR. Baths are what they are. Good for some, barely bearable for others... LOCATION counts. Timing is important. It depends - there are good ones in
North American - although that's generally the exception -- not the norm.

I'm middle aged but since I stay in shape and generally look and act young (enough), it's not such a problem being about to 'pick' between offers from guys in their 20s to those in their 50s. It might be problematic for the 20-year-old.. but you're still in college or at least college age - so go west, young men and fuck a fraternity!

Barebackteen is absolutely right about most European 'saunas'..I should know - I visited the one he recommended in Brussels and was completely impressed (although I had been to similar ones in other EU states) and tired out from all the sex.

For North Americans, however, the 'baths' ofter are simply
(sometimes dingy dark) places to go to get your rocks off --- even the chain of baths mentioned earlier -- We're talking about sex with strangers -- gettting off anonymously -- so if the clientele turns your stomach -- or allowing some 40 to 50 something 'old' guy 'do' you (or you to 'do' him)...then just don't do it, and go back to the 'tried and true' -- blind dates, bar hopping, public tea-rooms (toilets - 'cottaging') or something more virtual sex - webcam sex or phone sex, hooking up with a Craig's List or Manhunt type. Sex is a highly overrated pasttime anyway. (LOL)

Japan, where I spend a great deal of time - is a different kettle of fish -- there are 'men's saunas' that are totally straight (well..actually there IS no such thing - but where sex is not condoned), and there are those that are mainly for male-to-male sex purposes - but NOT simply that alone. They also serve as gay 'community' centers - of a sort - with regular customers who use the exercises or sun-roof (or jacy to socialize, and sunbath, or the cafe for eating and chatting.. - which is a lot like the European ones.. except that each 'sauna' in Japan (especiall Tokyo) tends to appeal to a certain age of clientele - 45-65 group, the 30ish-50 group, and the under 30 group tend to segregate into different areas of the city. 
 So the sauna's (not that numerous actually) tend to have customers in those age ranges. I got the impression that it depends on the day of the week for what age of customer is most common in the European (and probably North American) baths.

The alternative to 'baths' are
also quite popular in Japan -- which doesn't seem to exist any more (let me know if I am wrong) is the sex club or porn video cubicle club.... (perhaps these still exist in the US but I have not seen one in operation is many years).

The Japanese version is a dark single story space - subdivided into many small cubicles - some are large enough for a sleeping mattress, and others are just for video viewing, but you pay an entrance fee (1000 - 2000 yen) and then remove your clothes/shoes and store in a locker. (dress code may be required or not - such as underwear or jockstraps, but full nudity is the accepted practice). 

Then guys try to go from cubicle to cubicle - either going inside or hanging outside - there are glory holes and also peek holes in the walls between to 'facilitate' oral and anal sex or if the guys are mutually attracted they get in the same stall and bang away.. In some of these 'sex clubs' there are bigger rooms or dark rooms for 'group' activities.. so it can get really hot and sweaty and cum soaked. Unfortunately, sometimes there is only one bathroom and may or may not be anything but that... or a coin-operated shower stall... It's kind of kinky and a 'cheap' way to get quick anonymous sex for the young, the older and the married man who needs cock.

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Japanese Society in Cameo: Guys emerging from a hot spring bath

[ This entry was also posted one of my other blogs: Otoko - The Japanese Male and on my Tribe and JustUsBoys blogs. The reason for that is because nowadays I never know when my blog and my user id will be deleted without warning. Yahoo! is infamous for doing so, but I've recognized recently that Google may being trying to 'clean up' its own house - soto speak. Dozens (that I know) of amateur 'monetized' blogs with explicit sexual gay content have disappeared from Blogspot in the last few weeks.]
Some of these photos of Japanese men emerge from a hot springs (mineral baths) or 'onsen' were highlighted on QueerClick not long ago. I can't resist showing them again. It's just THE Japanese thing to do - and seems to be especially popular with groups of male college friends, intramural sports teams, or company excursions.
They usually spend a night or two at the hot spring resort - one of the most famous - as well as accessible to Tokyo - is Hakone (near the Mt. Fuji Lakes area). Invariably, they have a nice meal - (that's a whole other story) and gulped down lots of beer, sake, and even whiskey or strong imported Chinese liquor.

They're all wearing the traditional 'yukata' - thin, cotton kimono-like coat - with (hopefully) nothing on underneath. When the alcohol, good food and camaraderie take effect, they start dancing (handstands, etc), and then everybody heads down to the communal baths in the resorts - usually
downstairs and many times facing outdoors - a river, wooded stream or even the ocean. Those who can no longer stand - due to the alcohol- might be helped by to their rooms, and fondled or groped or even much more (I only know what I would be doing if my buddy had passed out half naked). Back in the baths, the antics usually escalate - naked men are scrubbing each other's back, and there's the relentless teasing about the size of somebody's dick (often teased that he's too big), and sooner of later somebody passes out from heat exhaustion and too much liquor. A few erections may emerge from under the suds or hidden while squatting in the thigh-deeper hot pools of volcanic mineral waters.
sometimes in the buff or provocatively draped, they sing (karaoke) or do stunts

All in all.. it's a great time for everyone.

Japanese men are horny a whole lot of the time and - in my opinion - the repressive nature of their society actually only deepens and heightens the sexual tensions for the average company worker. The stress of so many social and work responsibilities is sometimes almost too much to bear: 'fetch this' and 'do this now' is the only thing workers hear all day and half the night since they almost always work overtime for NO (or little) pay.

Without much recourse or with little leeway for arguing back, they submissively accept what they have to do, and go about it quietly (or at least only mutter out of earshot) or complain to their 'real' friends later. All this comes bubbling to the surface when the drinks and relaxation reach the max at big group parties out in the country. The months of repressed desire also come bubbling to their consciousness - well.. at least it would in mind. Japanese men are generally dissuaded from 'flirting' in public - especially in an office situation. In fact, it use to be true that inter-office affairs and romantic relationships were so frowned upon that a worker risked getting transferred or - in the worse case - fired for dating a co-worker. It really is much less true nowadays because of the changes occurring in the society and in the economy. However, to some extent interoffice romance is discouraged. In that kind of environment, young men (ages 22- 35) before marriage didn't have many avenues for sexual or romantic release -except Japanese anime and pornography, and the nightly jerk-off once they crawled in to bed after midnight when they got home from a couple of 'mandatory' rounds a the local pub with the office gang - that often included their immediate superior (who was bucking for promotion or for leverage to support his pet projects).

The trips to the onsen (hot spring resorts) and the pub crawls after working later are rather like R & R for the troops in an army that's on dangerous duty. This was (and still is in some cases) the Civilian Military - (Japan Incorportated) because that was exactly how the typical Japanese factory or company used to operate. The new ones were the recruits -- called upon to have to endure all kinds of hardships (workign 12-16 hour days for example was expected), so these 'trips' were probably a natural way to help relieve a lot of stress.. some of it under the belt line - so to speak.
There is no doubt in my mind that many a young company employee (male or perhaps more so the females) was 'defrocked' while on one of these onsen (hot springs) excursions organized by his (her) company or social group.

The situation has ameliorated to some extent. It is not easy to determine how much though. Japan still has the highest rates of suicide of any industrialized (first world) nation, and the numbers continue to swell. Over 30,000 per year end their lives and by estimates, nearly 4 times as many try to do so.

Japan has a massive social networking infrastructure long, long before the days of the Internet - or Facebook. I could write a book on this and related topics... but - in reality - much of it is coming to an end. Today's young people do not want to participate to the same degree as before. The number of 'freeters' - young people who refuse to get a full-time job, who often still live at home on their parents' dime, and are content with having little money - but lots of freedom and tons of free time to work part-time at as many as 3 jobs, quit when they get tired of one, go out with friends to sing karaoke or drink or just hang out, and play PS3 games or windowshop all night long.

More to follow (eventually.....)

The above first 3 amateur photos were forwarded in a group message from: atitlan [ymna2] Yahoo group, the last one was sent in my Erik on his [cmnm] google group. Note: Queerclick displays their logo on the photo but they no more own the copyright (c) to that photo that Richard Nixon does!


Saturday, October 18, 2014

Opportunities for mild exposure - casual CMNM during my vacation

A few weeks ago, I was getting a bit of the type of CMNM experience I enjoy -- exposing
'accidentally' or nonchalantly to straight and or younger men. Yes, I stripped for a shower at a public changing room on Waikiki Beach. None of the other guys took off their clothes - kind of ridiculous if you ask me. One guy was even try to washing his lower body while wearing cargo pants.

It was cool when two Japanese teenagers, obviously tourists, came in and got in the shower - of course, they kept their swimming trunks on the whole time, and even changed out of them by wrapping a towel around the waist and lowering their trunks, without exposing their butts or genitals. I enjoyed being the only naked guy and made sure they had a chance to get some glances of my half swelled dick and exposed butt.

When I left, I saw that one of the teen's mother was waiting just outside the
men's changing room beside her parked car. I just smiled and wondered if the boys would go back later and tell her about see the adult American man's dick (lol). I doubt it.. most Japanese youth are pretty cool about things. While they might not do such things themselves, they don't typically hold it against someone for being a bit weird -- as long as they are NOT members of their own group.

Later, after going to the Max's Gym (gay sex club), I slept in the nude at my hostel. A nice Korean
guy (aged 26) was opposite me. We had a nice conversation sitting there in the room along with our German roomie. Later, I helped him get some detergent for doing his laundry. He seemed grateful and smiled a lot. So when he got up before 6 to get ready to leave for Seoul, I made sure to have the sheet slipped down and my half-erect cock on display. Is that anyway to pay back a friend? (LOL)

The guys above me was a 22-year old blond German twink. He had a nice body and seems a little bit self-absorbed, but then why shouldn't he be? He slept each night in white knit boxers, and didn't seem to mind parading around the room in them. I doubt it was for my benefit since there were two German girls in the adjoining bunk room, and another German guy about the same age who arrived and took the bed where the Korean dude had been. The other German guy was slim and had curly dark hair. I slept naked that night again, but there wasn't much opportunity to show anything to the new arrival. He was friendly enough, but he certainly didn't show any interest. Of course, you never know. He did seem to turn over often enough whenever I moved during the night, but he held the sheets tightly around his body, and never really looked over my way.

When I was a teenager, I once was invited over to stay with a church friend who was college-age. I
was still in high school. I was so turned on that I snuck out of my bed and climbed under his and try to reach up and fondle his dick - which did get erect. It was a complete turn-on for me, and so it makes it difficult to sleep when I'm in the room with a hot guy even now.
Back at the hostel, the lack of sleep and the time change caused me to eventually fall to sleep. The boys remained untouched.. at least by my hands (or tongue). LOL!

On Sunday, I was terribly sleepy but somehow managed to get up in time to go on the Gay Catamaran Cruise - the one I tried to advertise as a CMNM event. Actually, it happens every week - so I (or the Guys Into CMNM group) am not the sponsor of the event, but hopefully just a large part of the participants. There ended up being a dozen men who went along for the 90-minute cruise, but I was the only one to get naked. Being a lone traveller, I was happy to have the attention and conversation from a few of the fellow passengers. The waves were too choppy that windy day, so the captain was not able to stop the boat for a swim - a time when a lot of passengers (although none of the crew) might have gotten naked. Too bad.

Tomorrow, I'm going over the Big Island. There are plenty of places to get naked -- primarily, I can be naked 24/7 at my vacation house (now I have sold it).  Also, there is a the famous clothing optional beach, Kehena Black Sands Beach, not too far away. Actually, it's easier to get naked almost anywhere on the shores around the Big Island - as long as you are discreet. On Saturday, I'm picnicking at Kehena, and hopefully a few good gay men will join me. On Sunday, it's the weekly Trance Dance at the Kehena Beach community gathering, which can also be very hot when a bunch of naked straight men (and women) starting getting high on the music and weed.

I'll spend the day and night at Kalani which has a clothing optional pool along with outdoor jacuzzi / hot tubs, and sauna. The pool turns naked after 3:00pm,  so it can be very stimulating when hot dads and single dudes venture out from their families and relationships for a little bit of naughtiness. Even if there is no sex, it's still a turn-on to be seen and to see straight,  gay men and twinks in the buff.
On Monday and Tuesday, I'm planning on camping out in Kohala and visiting the nude beach at Beach 67 - next to Waialea Beach or Beach 69).
I'll keep you updated.. if anything fun happens.

Kelly (back in Hawaii after too long away......)


Friday, October 17, 2014

Camping by Thorn, an original story

[This story was originally posted on Yahoo Group [thorngay] by Thorn]

I want to tell you a true story about my friend, Mark. I never knew he was gay, until one night when
we were camping.

We had just returned from the pub and crawled into the tent. he stripped to his briefs and hopped into his sleeping bag. Without thinking I stripped off completely, as I always do, and got into my sleeping bag.

Mark reached across and grabbed my sleeping bag opened it and stared down at my naked body and hardening dick he gave me a look and a smile that said it all. That was the cue. I wriggled out of the sleeping bag and made a lunge at him. I pulled off his sleeping bag and tried to pull off his briefs.
A hot and sweaty playful wrestling followed. I made sure I brushed his dick through the cotton of his briefs and sure enough it was getting harder. Then I grabbed his briefs and pulled them off.

Mark was sat there naked. He was beautiful. His body was lean and sculpted and his dick was hard. The foreskin was just slightly back and there was a definite bead of precum at its head,
"You can do anything you want!" he said. "Anything," I replied, slightly uncertain. "Yes, anything," Mark confirmed. My body was vibrant with excitement and needless to say, we only used one sleeping bag that night.

To think, for all those years, I never knew he was gay. What a waste of precious time!

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Getting a physical exam by a male doctor or nurse: Is it a turn-on?

Original posting: gear_happy

03 Nov 2011, 00:03
Ok, here goes... I have this fantasy of getting a physical exam by a hot doctor or male nurse. I'm told to undress and then am examined / touched all over. I'll probably pop a boner and be a little embarrassed about it, and it would be so hot to see the outlines of a boner in the doctor's or nurse's pants.

However, the obvious problem is finding said medical professionals to play out this fantasy with, since it's likely a liability issues. So... I'm kind of at a dead-end and not quite sure how to proceed. Maybe there's a site somewhere that caters to this? I don't know... just throwing it out there to see if anyone could at least point me in a direction.
Follow up: body2205
03 Nov 2011, 00:08
I love that idea too. I've always had a thing for being examined by a doctor...

Follow up: pdquesnell [msg]
03 Nov 2011, 01:41
It is all mostly the realm of fantasy...
However, before I met my partner he had an experience worthy of a short story. He had prostatitis. The doctor's remedy was to stick his finger up my guy's butt and give him prostate massage with hand job. So these fantasies do have some basis in reality. (By the way, this doctor ultimately lost his practice and now sells real estate.)
Another friend of mine went to one of those "no appointment needed" medical centers to get some quicky exam and documentation for work. He also got a hand job.
I guess I need to get a new doctor!

Follow up: sunbuns99* [msg]
03 Nov 2011, 09:33
Medical exam sex or a doctor's physical that goes beyond purely examination is a frequent fetish / fantasy among guys into CMNM (clothed male / naked male) scenes.  So you can find guys and also stories/photos etc related to this medical attraction on such sites and social networks. (BTW, I'm the admin for several of them and also publish the Guys Into CMNM blog (guysn2cmnm  (dot) blogspot (dot) com)

This theme is popular among a few gay porn studios, namely, but you can see some of the their photos and video clips at
You might also be able to find specific guy into this by using either RECON (a gay fetishist site and iPhone app) or at GearFetish  In addition, there are some tribes (public or private groups) on the alternative social networking site,  I can invite you to some of them if you contact me (and give an email address for the invitation).

I work at a medical and health sciences university which has two hospitals on its campus - so it's a theme/attraction (not exactly a fetish for me) that is near and dear. Also, when I stayed in a hospital once, I found it very stimulating to be kind of bed-bound (no, I wasn't strapped in but just couldn't move about freely), and to be examined by a young handsome doctor every day.  I made sure to never wear underwear or anything but a loose fitting gown so he could have easy access.  In that way,  I could be 'accidently' nude. It was fun when there was a male nurse during the night shift, but I would sleep as nude as possible and allow the covers to fall off. Evidently, nurses are not embarrassed by much - because he'd just cover my erection with a blanket without hesitating to 'observe'.  Also, I have a friend/sex buddy who is a doctor (a cardiologist) and it's fun 'playing doctor' with him, but oddly enough, he's not really into that aspect of it.

I've wanted and even attempted to organize locally and internationally some CMNM events in which doctor-patient examinations would be one of the role-play sensual / sexual activities.  So if you're up for the idea, we could start working now on holding such an event (somewhere reasonably convenient).  I can travel (up to a point) almost anywhere.
I suspect that there are hundreds of gay men (and plenty of straight men who get off having a female nurse or doctor examine them).

Fight prostate cancer, ask a doctor (or horny friend) to examine your prostate inside your hole!   The best way to become quick and 'deep' friends is penetrating someone body cavities with a finger.  The stomach is not the only way to a man's heart (LOL).