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Friday, October 9, 2015

Naked and composed: CMNM Festa Honolulu, January 1-3, 2016

CMNM EVENT.. even a whole weekend of CMNM. 

The photos represent what our CMNM Festa Honolulu Weekend will (hopefully) be like: 
Naked/Suited Pool Party,  amateur strip and CMNM Comic Routines,  Naked Sushi Feast

Really?  So far in previous attempts we've not had much turn-out at the few actual live events, but we're a world-wide group, men. So let's give it another try.
 There are thousands of members and  men interested in CMNM scattered everywhere.  Eventually, I have always said that there will be enough CMNM guys in one spot to be able to hold some live events.
 Hopefully, this Christmas and New Year's in Hawaii (Oahu ) maybe also the outer island, Big Island, Kauai, or Maui) will be the second CMNM Weekend Festa (Clothed Male Nude Male Festa).
If it can be successful, then there are bound to be similar CMNM events held at other locations in North America, Europe, South America, Asia and elsewhere.

To find out more, please go the the Honolulu Festa 2016 Invitation page at:

There you will find more details, and important the rules of expected behavior, and how to got about applying for an invitation to attend as a CMNM guests, or also how to apply for the few volunteer staff and paid performers (actors, dancers/stripper).  No services of sex industry workers are being solicited.

Facebook Guys Into CMNM Page Event:   CMNM Festa Hawaii, Jan. 1-3, 2016

These above amateur photos of cmnm party experiences were (unwittingly and uncannily) forwarded in a group message from: atitlan on his [ymna2] Yahoo group

CMNM Festa in Waikiki   Jan. 1-3, 2016
 If you are going to be in Honolulu for New Year's Weekend (January 1-3) then make plans to attend one or several of the CMNM Weekend Festa in Honolulu.

Who can join:   Legal adults (21 or older for most events).
Single males, couples or groups are invited to participate.  Women are not barred from attending, but this IS a male - mostly gay or homosexual lifestyle - although some married couples (M/F) could possibly find it very stimulating.

Who will be there:   Since it's just getting organized now (mid Oct), there's a good chance we'll have a dozen (or perhaps much more) men attending the private CMNM events.  There's no doubt they will be fun and worth it:  strippers, erotic dancers, naked waiters, and an assortment of exciting clothed male / naked male activities and games are planned. The private homes and rented hotel suites will also make a comfortable and elegant venue for some memorable excitement you will never forget.

What type of events:  CMNM Festa Welcome Pool Party (at a private home - clothing optional - of course),  a Naughty Boy Costume and Role-Play in a penthouse suite of a Waikiki Hotel, a sleepover (with clothed and naked males in attendance), male strippers and uniformed hosts will be in attendance at several of the events.   In the day time on Saturday and Sunday, you can enjoy several tourist excursions or some special CMNM events and tours:  visit to a nude beach, naked diving / snorkeling, a naked catamaran cruise, and a CMNM wine-tasting and sushi party with both nude and clothed waiters.

The tentative dates listed below are correct, but the events/activities are only just being set up:

  Friday evening, Jan. 1  7pm - midnight   CMNM Naughty Boys Party,  Waikiki (4-room penthouse              suite)
  Friday, Jan. 1-2  Same Friday night  to Saturday morning, Sleep-Over at the hotel with 'Night Light            & Fleshlight Games'
  Saturday  afternoon Jan. 2  CMNM Picnic and CMNM Beach Excursion  (located revealed later)
   Saturday night Jan.2 - 3   CMNM Role-Play Party,  Strip Performance
    Sunday, Jan. 3 12:00-3:00pm   Nude Dudes + Clothed Guys Catamaran Cruise
    Sunday  Jan. 3 evening 8:00pm - 2 am (Jan. 4)   CMNM Pool Party and BBQ, with hired                              performance entertaining (NO LOCATION YET.. any suggestions or recommendations?)
    Monday, Jan. 4  - Excursions (optional) - Naked Hiking, nude snorkeling and diving, etc...

To find out more, please go the the Festa Invitation page at:

There you will find more details, and important the rules of expected behavior, and how to got about applying for an invitation to attend as a CMNM guests, or also how to apply for the few volunteer staff and paid performers (actors, dancers/stripper).  No services of sex industry workers are being solicited.

Facebook Guys Into CMNM Page Event:   CMNM Festa Hawaii  Jan. 1-3, 2016

These photos of amateur guys getting naked in public were forwarded in a Group Message From: Kevin on [PublicNakedGuys] a Yahoo group.

Saturday, October 3, 2015

Naked Dares - Message from Evanopolous

Below you will find the message of a great casual dickflasher who explains how he goes about flashing his cock in public. It's more meaningful when guys who flash dick actually talk about how and why they do so. I often feel compelled to flash in public places - it's not a obsession, but I can understand what's he talking about - although I don't have the same actual experience.  (from Kelly, blogger) 

A big thanks for all the kind comments from the couple of guys who've replied in group as well as you who wrote privately.
 Sorry I'm not responding to each individually. But I did read and appreciate each one.
----The above photo and message from Evan was forwarded in a group email message ----
From: Evanopolous    -- evanopolous (at) gmail (dot) com --  on   [PublicNakedGuys] Naked Dares

I just realized I have a SECOND photo of me naked with a Safeway. Surprising since I'm not fond of Safeway and rarely shop in their stores (they're quite overpriced!) Anyhow, I'm attaching it below.

Here's responses to all:

- The police have stopped me twice. Once in Vancouver about 2005 when they told me to get dressed before they arrested me, though it was obvious they were just saying it because they thought it was their duty and not intending to actually do anything. I obliged but at the same time pointed out the technical reality of Canadian law:

a) I wasn't naked--I had a bandana tied around my ankle; and

b) a nudity conviction in Canada is like nailing Jell-O to the wall: how do you prove that any damage was caused or harm done or anyone/anything endangered? (a fundamental foundation in Canadian law?)

The best charge for nudity is "public disturbance" , but since nobody had complained . . .
The second time was in San Francisco about 2006, right on Castro Street, mid-afternoon. A lady at a the bus stop had a major bovine while I was posing in front of the Castro Theater and called the cops. I wasn't even aware of her fits until my photographer told me several minutes later. By the time they arrived I was dressed and down near Walgreens.

They just politely told me "without accusing you of having been naked" that I should ensure I keep my clothes on because she's adamant that she will demand a citizens arrest be made. I merely said "Thank-you", and nothing more. I was finished doing my thing and didn't bother getting into the reality that simple nudity is perfectly legal on public City land.

- Yes, finding a photographer is the biggest challenge to getting naked shots. It's shocking how many people love naked pics but when you ask them to take the shot they are "Oh golly gee, I couldn't do that!" as if you're asking them to get naked. I now collect names of guys willing to do naked photos and am starting to build my own private database ( www.NakedEvan. com/#photos ) so when I travel to various cities I can check to see if I have a contact there to work with.

- Yes, I've got video footage of me naked as well, though not near as much and most of it is indoors and more sexual (masturbation or dildos). Video is more difficult for a number of reasons: it's more work for a photographer so even more difficult to get one, it requires more than a quick undress-snap- dress so a lot of locations aren't realistically possible, and unfortunately at times when I'd be ready to do it I just don't have the video camera with me.

- More photos of me? They're already on a dozen different web sites and I share them semi-regularly in various egroups. However for the most consistent stream of them you're welcome to join my own egroup: http://groups. group/NakedEvan  In my group you won't find very much of anything. This is because I use the egroup pretty much just to inform members when there are updates in my blog (where all the text, pics, and videos do get posted.)

I use my blog at www.NakedEvan. com because I have total flexibility over all aspects of it including no limitations on archives or how much space is being used, and never a worry that it could get deleted. The egroup is just a convenient way of guys being able to keep informed to check my blog. Or for those into it, my blog has RSS feed and comes complete with buttons so with one click you can add it to your Google, Yahoo, or MSN home page.

- I'm currently in Palm Springs. Spend my winters here. So no, can't hook up with you on vacation in Vancouver. Sorry, otherwise I'd love to. I always enjoy meeting up with guys for coffee.

- Thanks, I decline ALL requests to join any kind of social group or networking site. I'm already too involved in the Internet! So with all respect, please don't even send me an invitation for one as it's just an extra piece of junk mail for me to delete.

- Yes, I've done naked photo shoots with other exhibitionists. I'm always open to discussing that
(privately of course--don' t think the whole group wants to be bored with that). And if you haven't done a naked walk with Rusty on a lovely San Francisco evening you're missing out on one of life's great pleasures.

- Evan

Thursday, October 1, 2015

Wrestle and Wank: a original CMNM and buddy sex story

Wrestle and Wank: a original CMNM and buddy sex story

by Thorn on his Yahoo Group [thorngay]

Whenever we go round to John's flat. it's just be a matter of time before he would find some excuse to start play wresting with at least one of us.

I say one of us, because the others usually seem willing to join in. During the fight T-shirts get pulled off, shirts become unbuttoned and disposed of and occasionally more.

It is a great opportunity to get up close and very personal with friends. But, because it is a kind of macho, thanks to the wrestling, it doesn't seem to produce the same defensive response as if, say, you simply started removing someone's shirt for the hell of it!

Being gay I naturally rather like when I, or the others, lose more than
our shirts. So I have became quite adept and furtively unclipping belts, unbuttoning and unzipping jeans. I usually end up with my jeans half open and my briefs exposed for all to see and, very often touch. I try not to be too hard so that I look too much as though I am enjoying things, but it's not easy to control. Especially when I have one of my mates bare chested and squeezed up tight to my body with only a bit of thin cotton between my dick and their bod. I try hard not to get too aroused. Must keep up the pretence that I am not overly enjoying this... LOL.

Occasionally I manage to get mine, or a friends jeans right off, so we are left wrestling in briefs or boxers.

Then is when the high-jinks can start. Usually it is not long before the briefs, start to slide down. Either of their own accord or with various helping hands. My own included.

Sometimes, I, or one of the others will end up completely naked on the floor in front of a group of friends wrestling.

On one such occasion I was wrestling with Joe and managed to get his shorts to fall off. Funny that ;-).

Then Tim lent a helping hand to pull his boxers off his butt. From there they just slid down of their own accord until I was wrestling with a naked Joe.

Now Joe is a sexy guy and, even sexier with no clothes. So, when Ken said to "grab his cock!" well... I didn't stop to worry about pretending I was not gay, I just took this as an instruction and obeyed. The others let out a whoop which just encouraged me. At first I just enjoyed holding his dick, but then – encouraged by the obvious delight of the others – I started stroking his dick. Joe seemed to like it as he just lay there and his dick started to throb in my hand. It felt really good.

In an instant Joe rolled onto his back in front of the group with my hand still attached to his dick. It was like as if I couldn't let go.

For an instant I thought I would spoil the illusion of straight macho-ness and be thrown out of the house. But, all I could see where lots of eyes transfixed with the spectacle and the sound of a few slightly nervous laughs covering for uncertainty.

I found my hand starting to wank Joe in front of the audience. He lay there obviously enjoying this and the guys were now making encouraging noises too - "yeah", "go for it", "get him to cum" were among the comments I heard.

Joe was now getting very hard and a little wet. Obviously he was enjoying it. Then with a shudder he shot a hot load over his body.

"Good boy," said John. Mark chipped in that it was only fair that it should be me next. I pretended to object, but secretly wanted to perform. Joe cleaned himself up and stepped towards me, unzipping my jeans and pulling down my briefs. My dick sprang to attention. "On the floor," Joe said and I willingly agreed.

Six pairs of eyes were watching as Joe worked my cock until I, too, exploded. There was a muted cheer from the guys. I turned and noticed that Tom, who was in the group watching, had his jeans and briefs around his ankles and was wanking away. Obviously he had enjoyed the show.

Soon others were joining in and clothes were flying in all directions. We spent the rest of the night naked, drinking, chatting, wanking.

From then on we had another outcome for the wrestling sessions which now became more exciting.