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Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Skinny Dipping: Fun in the Sun

Comment As posted by "BudnBos" on Freeballing.comI did skinnydipping for the first time this summer, and it was awesome... being in the water and at the beach nude. Most everyone else was nude also so it was no big deal. 

It may not be a big deal as far as flashing goes, but it's still a great thing to be nude and enjoying the surf and sand -Skinnydipping at San Onofre (see pic at right) -- that's the whole point of skinnydipping. I try to do that all summer long and whenever I can any time. I love getting out to Black's Beach in San Diego, Baker Beach in San Francisco, Russian River at Guerneville (CA) and San Onofre State Beach (just south of Orange County (CA) on I-5 (one hour north of San Diego). I had fun there in Feb-March and met up with one of my flasher buddies from the Net. (See his photo at left below).

Of course, it's more thrilling to try to get naked (with or without the swimming) at the pool, or jacuzzi, or the beach or anywhere that nudity isn't expected. 

I used to teach at a school (K-12) that had a pool. Since I had a key to the locker room (with access to the pool), I would sometimes go late at night and swim naked in the pool. I found out later on that one of male teacher

had done the same but got caught and in trouble. Eventually, they beefed up security and put a stop to all late night swimming (changed locks).Sometimes, it's possible to get naked in a hotel pool or jacuzzi when not many people are around. At other times, I've tried going completely naked from my tent to the campground toilet / shower - at night of course - while camping. Have stripped and gone skinny dipping at many places - public parks, state and national parks - Yosemite has some (cold water freezes your balls!) great places for that. The Big Island (actually part of all the islands of Hawaii) have many beaches where it's possible to skinnydip without offending others. Waipio Valley - out from Honokaa in the northeastern area of the Big Island has a great place where people frequently (spontaneously - not a regular practice and probably frowned on since there are 

Deserted stretch at Waipio Valley (photo)

tourists (from the US mainland - Bible-belters) but once you descend the steep road down the valley entrance (on foot - of course), you can cross the fresh water river that flows into the ocean, and go to the northern (deserted) stretch of the beach. I've seen many people get naked there (including me and friends) for skinnydipping. People can just see tiny figures bobbing around from their lookout point at the time. 

Kehena Black Sand Beach (Puna Coast, Big Island) 

Of course, my all-time favorite place to skinny-dip is Kehena Black Sand's Beach on Hawaii's Puna coast. It's not just about showing your goodies on a nude beach. It's a marvelous place where nature's splendor, the chance to swim with dolphins and see whales, mix with the convivial atmosphere of the local tradition of a hippie holiday romp on the beach - complete with all sorts of naked and semi-clothed characters - all of whom are welcoming, tolerant, and often buzzed.

Summer Daze: Musings on blogging, travel and my erratic sex life

I haven't posted a original (new) article to my blogs in while -although I have been busy
online and off line too. I guess the urge to blog comes and goes. Also, I find that I split my life into segments which don't always overlap. For example,  my activities as a gay male don't always seem to fit with some of my other interests. At least, I am not at the point where I can easily mix together blog entries about new pleasures in anal sex (butt fucking) and my latest recipes and travel tips. 

So when somebody ONLY reads this blog, they will certainly get skewed version of what I am as a person versus what I do as an active gay man (the mostly secret sexual side of my nature and activities). 

I do spend a lot of time online and -- while some of it is blogging - a lot of it is absorbing other people's work via their responses/writings/postings. Still, a good bit more is consuming erotic images and video. Over the last few weeks, I have discovered (or I should say re-discovered and taken time to explore) various new sites - -many of which are directly connected to homoeroticism. 

Below is a list of URLs that I check either daily or weekly:

Travel Ssssssssssex

Over the weeks from March 2 - April 5, I had a lot of fun traveling, so I'd like to fill you in by detailing my adventures - some of them sexual (of course).

I spent a week on the Big Island in late February and got to swim with dolphins, see whales and sea turtles, did some diving and camping. 

My next longer journey involved trips from Honolulu, Southern California, New York City, Tampa (Florida), Barcelona and Gran Canaria.

So instead of trying to write it all here, I will just link to entries from some of my other blogs: (Note: Not all of them are finished yet -- so I'll be updating them over the next few days (hopefully).

New level of pleasure achieved

  • Sex on the beach 

        I got to cruise on several gay beaches and seaside cruising spots. Diamond Head beach was hot the very afternoon I arrived back there from a short trip. I met a horny bi guy who liked to show me his str8 porn mag -- I presume to help him get himself (and me too - because he was talking dirty about fucking pussy). He then proceeded to wrap his lips around my engorged cock -- we were nestled away high above the beach but still there were other guys cruising who were trying to get a look at what we were doing.

Later on another guy climbed up to meet me among the trees, he wanted to press his cock into the crack of my ass, but didn't want to insert. It was hot getting buttrubbed - and just made me want the real thing that much more. 

  • Fucked at gay sauna 

    One couple of the best anal fucks I have had in a long time was at Club 2200 on University Blvd in San Deigo on March 7th. It was a weekday night but the place was pretty hot. I finally met up with a cute Afro-American guy who felt me up from behind while I was leaning over the back of a couch in the lounge area. He asked if I wanted to play so we went behind the seating in the video backroom, where he covered his 10 inch long, beautiful cock with a rubber and then fucked me crazy. It turned out that he was trying to give me an anal orgasm. He would pull back until the tip of his long hard meat was about to disengage from my anal lips and then we would ram it back in deep. He kept up a rapid plunging rhythm so that I finally screamed in delirium and came without touching my cock. 

    Funny, but just a few hours later, after a restful snooze, I got up and found a
    hot guy in the same room who wanted his ass plowed long and hard. So I was very happy to oblige. We fucked there in the video room for a long while, then he invited me back to his cubicle where we engaged in slow sweet butt-wracking sex with my ever-hard cock for hours. 

    I have not been so pleasured -- both ways during such a short period of time in a long while. It was hot!

    Anal orgasm in Maspalomas dunes 

  •   Apart from my scuba diving on two of the days at Playa del Ingles (actually we dive at El Cabron Bay nature preserve), I spent several days on the dunes at Maspalomas -- nude sunbathing and cruising for sex. 

  • One the most interesting times was after I had been kind of mentally 'edging' for 4-5 hours -- seeing guys nude and a lot of sucking/fucking going on the nooks and crannies around the dunes and in the shady brush lined areas. There was a guy who was interested in my ass while I seated on the huge leaning branch of a tree. My butt was spread out over the back edge and he came up and started to massage my sphincter. 
    Other guys came up around him and watched. He was not going to insert his dick, but instead, he put his fingers into my butthole and expertly applied a massage to my prostate gland. It was kinky
    sitting there with my cock bloated -- fully erect and having my asshole rammed with a hot digit. He knew exactly what to do to get me to explode and the lust in the others mens' eyes just made me want to put on a great show. I came without touching my dick -- something that had not happened for several weeks (when I was in San Diego). 

    I realized that I have reached a new level of sexual stimulation -- the anal orgasm.

Vacation CMNM experiences with younger men

Vacation CMNM experiences

by sunbuns99    

I had some great CMNM (Clothed Male Naked Male) experiences during my month of vacation travel in August a few years back. They really aren't ones that would have much graphic or explicit content or anything like that... but they were certainly meaningful because I was able to make some great connections with people. For me, it's not enough just to be naked in front of strangers - that's
easy enough to accomplish at a nudist beach, locker room, or clothing optional resort, etc.

I find it increasingly important to me if I can develop some kind of interaction - social - not even sexual with the guys I am nude with. I realize that this probrably says a lot about the nature of my own reasons or motivation for seeking out CMNM situations. I should eventually delve into that - I suppose. For me it not simply whether or not the guy is showing any interest in seeing my nude body or me his. It's much more satisfying when the clothed person and I (or if I'm clothed and he's nude) are engaging in either doing something together or conversing about mutal interests while one of us is nude.

Here is just a quick glimpse at my summer episodes... (as much for my own recall as for your entertainment ):

a) I stayed several weeks on the Big Island (Hawaii) so I had a chance to camp, go to a clothing optional resort, and get nude on a couple of beaches

b) I stayed at a hostel (same one as before) and had a wonderful time getting to know my bunkmates and people from adjoining rooms. There were quite a few opportunities to be naked or be clothed with naked during that 5-day stay. One of the most fun things was 6 of us going skinnydipping at Waikiki Beach after midnight (2 women and one guy remained clothed, 3 guys got naked). I had spent the whole time just dying to see those other two hunks in the nude so it was really cool being accepted in the camaraderie of guys being guys and getting to skinnydip with them in the end.

c) I meet up the next week with oneof the guys who stayed in that same hostel dorm room (he didn't
go skinnydipping) but his bunk was just across from mine (both on the top) so I had an uninterrupted view of him sleeping and also he had the same of me - I sleep nude every night of course. I loved watching him put his hand down his pants and play with or 'straighten' his cock (supposedly while asleep).

I made sure he got a chance to see me with a woody too several times a night (and at sunrise) - although he never acknowledged noticing. Because we were both returning (from Honolulu) back to the the Big Island, we ended up going together to the Puna area of the Big Island the following week- so I introduced to the delights of the 'naked Aloha' life. It was his first trip to a nude beach and at first he was reluctant - although he's the one who suggested going - but finally he got up the courage to shed all his clothes and even allowed me to take some photos.

Later we camped out a Kalani so he got another chance to
be naked on the clothing optional pool that evening. Of course, I slept naked next to him in the 2-man tent and I hardly got any sleep at all. The previous day we went to the natural steam vents (like an outdoor sauna made from lava-heated steam) and we got naked. A guy there was 'pretending 'to sleep and sporting a big hard on so that gave me and Koji a chance to talk later about dicks and erections when the other guy got up and left. I got several pics (and he of me) of our short few days together.

d) I stayed in Manhattan at the West Side Y and had quite a few chances to be naked with strangers. Guests can use the pool, gym and locker rooms just like paid members. On my return trip thru NYC, I stayed at another hostel and also scouted out a few more where I might return on my next trip. I also spent several evenings at the West Side Club.

e) Some nudity at a couple public beaches lead to some sexual encounters -- I met a really nice Russian guy whom I mistook for straight until he keep coming up and trying to get peeks some parts of my anatomy. Eventually, I got more than just a peek at his.

f) One of the times I almost forgot about was really one of the coolest CNMN experiences I had for
a long while. I stayed over in Waikiki over 6 days (at the hostel I mentioned earlier). On Sundays, there is a catamaran cruise which is mainly reserved for gay and lesbians departing from Waikiki Beach at 1:00pm - you can get discounted tickets at Angles (gay bar on Kuhio) and the 90-minute ride includes 4 drink tickets. It's advertised as clothing optional - although I'd never seen anybody go naked on this cruise before (it was the 2nd time to take the cruise since they have advertised it as 'nude cruise.' It seems that actually boat operator and captain aren't really kept informed (at least they plead ignorance). I asked my hostel roommates if they wanted to come along but the macho-man guy from the Netherlands was negative about it, saying he didn't want to go on any gay cruise - but - of course, it seemed he never missed an opportunity to get naked. I am sure all would have had a great time if they had gone. I certainly did.

Previously cruises were very tame, but this time I simply was not going to be denied the chance to get naked in public in front of so many people. As we were boarding, I asked some of the guys if they were going to get naked later on. Nobody seemed eager but there were any flat denials either. So .... when we got further out in the bay about 500 yards from shore, I asked the
captain - a local Hawaiian guy, if it OK if I got naked. He said he was told about that before - but I explained that the cruise was advertised that way and that I wouldn't be obscene or do anything to attract attention from other boats. So he consented. I was the only one to get nude and there were a few women and also a group of 5 young Black doctors from Wash D.C. in town for a medical convention. I sat with a very big local guy but he didn't get naked but seemed to enjoy having me do so. The two young ship's mates on board took furtive looks but they were nonchalant about having a naked haole dude on board. Later on we got back closer to shore nearly the end of the cruise, I pulled on my trunks and then we asked about being able to stop for a swim so the captain agreed. It would have been great to have been naked - all of us jumping off of the boat and then remerging up the gangway between the two large rudder fins of the catamaran. It was a great cruise and being naked made it so much more fun.

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Morgan - Parts 1 - 3

 I had twisted my ankle while playing football with some friends messing around in a park, and I got stuck using crutches for a week. Going in for a follow-up visit I was seeing a different doctor than I had eve seen before.  It turned out to be the most stimulating medical exam of my life. 


Part 2

Part 3

Part 1

Sunday, July 20, 2014

Baggy Pants and Innocence Lost

When guys' butt and ass cracks are showing it true that the sight is hot or 'cool' -but - at the same
time -- I always just have to believe they are doing so completely innocently that is kind of mindless, without consciousness and so it NOT exact sexy. Because for me, just showing some butt or your crack is something you're likely to see on almost anybody - toddlers, school children, overweight people reaching up or bending over at Walmart, old people, athletes in action or just warming up, as somebody climb into a busy and just about everywhere and while people are doing most anything.

 There are times and cases when this is NOT true so it's when we can accidentally see up the front of
guys who typically are wearing baggy pants/shorts (and may also be freeballing (going commando) is when I sit up and take notice and get turned on. Women are obviously NOT going to find it easy to accidentally flash their twats - unless they sort of make a bigger and more obvious show of spreading their skirts .. anyway, by all appearances and by most everybody's admission, women don't see to be as visually stimulated or find looking at body parts as erotic as men do -- not to be too sexist. [IMG][/IMG]

 Back to the idea and actual experience of seeing up a guy' s short.... However, when you can see a guy's cock clearly outlined -- the head, corona ridge and all - you just got to know HE knows what's showing and he doesn't give a damn or more likely, he's happy to give others (perhaps especially other guys) a peek at his goodies.

Likewise seeing a guy's cock from a view up the leg his baggy shorts, somehow just really gets me excited to the core -- because I just KNOW he can't really be that naive and innocent about it. I mean - he decided what to wear and what NOT to wear -- I'm all for freeballing -- obviously but I know that my eyes zero in on a live target and his floppy cock or sweaty balls are a hell of a lot more appealing than a hairy butt crack (no offense to those who are and to those who do like to show crack). But this is freeballing -- after all. It's what up front that counts -- or should I is what 'cunts'. P.S. I know that most of these types of photo are just 'posed' but there are times when you get a look up some buddy or total stranger's shorts. When I was a teen, my day had a young college age guy who worked for him on subcontractor jobs
(painting, building on house additions, etc). He wore cut-off jeans a lot and was really handsome and also took a friendly interest in me (although I was much younger -- I guess he wanted his boss (my dad) to think he was a nice guy but he could have been so friendly for 'other' reasons - that he was always in my day-dreams and later by fantasies -after the time I saw him up on a ladder with his tight bubble butt and hairy legs. Believe you me.. I was hanging around at my dad's job whenever I got the chance (which was not much because I was in school). The guy in this first pic definitely seems to be authentic and his freeballing seems totally innocent or at least he doesn't seem to be aware that his uncut meat is exposed.

 Does anybody else find this type (above) of 'realistic photo' of a real

person appealing? I won't say that it is ONLY sexually appealing because it really is NOT just that. In the second photo below the guy (in red shorts) is really hot, but the pic seems totally contrived. It is probably an early pic in a series where this guy eventually does a solo jerk off - that really doesn't do much for me.

Maybe I am getting jaded in my 'old age' and maybe the lost innocence on the first guy's face (and dick) just remind me of what I once had ... I am NOT talking about foreskin.-- but that sense of being innocent and exploring the mystery of your burgeoning feels and maybe your bulging shorts when you think about someone (or somethings... ) and then losing one's innocence, and also the joys and stumbling in learning to know yourself like most all of us went through (mostly in our adolescence -- where it concerned our sexually maturity and the changes in physical body and attraction to other people (str8, gay or bi - as the case may be).

Saturday, July 19, 2014

NextDoorBuddies: Cole Christiansen Fucks Brenner Bolton - Bareback

Cole Christiansen Fucks Brenner Bolton - Bareback

Cole Christiansen is palpably nervous as Brenner Bolton reviews his resume. Cole really wants this job, and as much as Brenner likes what he sees in front of him, the fact of the matter is Cole just isn't qualified for the position Brenner has to offer.
But Cole has another position in mind that just may change Brenner's mind, and Brenner is the kind of guy who is open to persuasion, so Cole unbuttons Brenner's shirt and strips him down to his skivvies, pulling his massive hard cock out for Brenner to inspect and admire.

Cole Christiansen Fucks Brenner Bolton - Bareback
Brenner devours Cole's cock, gagging on it as he fondles Cole's balls, before turning Cole over and eating his ass on the conference table. Brenner is ready to see how Cole works it, so he bends over and Cole plunges his money-maker deep inside Brenner. Cole pumps Brenner against the table, then on the table, then next to the table as Brenner shows the stamina that earned him his position in the first place, stroking himself off as Cole pulls out and blasts his face with a working man's load well worth the wait. Brenner, coated with cum and thoroughly shagged, makes the hard decision to hire Cole. It is a very hard decision, indeed.


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Men at Play: Dani Robles and Maikel Cash

men at play dani maikel

They've had some iconic doctors on Menatplay over the years. Who can forget the the examinations of the smooth talking Dr Richards? Or the cool straight Doctor Stevens, who loved to find any excuse to shove his dick in his patients mouth or ass. And now Men at Play returns with a brand new doctor opening up his clinic for our voyeuristic pleasure. Dr Dani Robles has a whole new, more subtle approach . The quiet, seemingly shy Doctor doesn't manipulate his patients like the practitioners of the past but instead leads them to his eager suited ass because in contrast to his predecessors he loves to take cock, and take it deep!

men at play dani maikel
See more at Men At Play.


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