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Friday, July 25, 2014 - Paul Wanked - Paul Wanked

At, macho Paul puts up quite a protest, but after having his asshole teased this masculine lad is aching to empty his balls. The "doctors" confidently take command of his genitals tugging on his cock and stroking his sizeable balls till the moaning bastard releases all his pent up sperm. - Paul Wanked
By the end, the shame-faced Paul can be in no doubt he's been taken advantage of!


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  • - Bobby Violated
  • - Rob Stripped

The Casting Room: Tom

The Casting Room: Tom

New at TheCastingRoomTom is a martial arts expert and horny tough fucker. It's horny staring into his entrancing green eyes while he talks about the ways he likes to screw. As a straight guy who likes to experiment with dirty new ways to get off, he's enthusiastic about getting paid to explore his nasty boy side. Tattooed and well-trained he is prepared to do whatever is needed to get the job done even if it's being cast in videos only with other men. He bends over to show off his tight untouched arsehole and works up a stiff erection to flash at the camera.
The Casting Room: Tom
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A Taste Of Tony (New York Straight Men)

Tony needed his cock sucked really badly. He got his last blowjob from a hooker at a friend's bachelor party,
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Connor Walts (College Boy Physicals)

College Boy Physicals Presents Connor Walts   

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Skinny Dipping: Fun in the Sun

Comment As posted by "BudnBos" on Freeballing.comI did skinnydipping for the first time this summer, and it was awesome... being in the water and at the beach nude. Most everyone else was nude also so it was no big deal. 

It may not be a big deal as far as flashing goes, but it's still a great thing to be nude and enjoying the surf and sand -Skinnydipping at San Onofre (see pic at right) -- that's the whole point of skinnydipping. I try to do that all summer long and whenever I can any time. I love getting out to Black's Beach in San Diego, Baker Beach in San Francisco, Russian River at Guerneville (CA) and San Onofre State Beach (just south of Orange County (CA) on I-5 (one hour north of San Diego). I had fun there in Feb-March and met up with one of my flasher buddies from the Net. (See his photo at left below).

Of course, it's more thrilling to try to get naked (with or without the swimming) at the pool, or jacuzzi, or the beach or anywhere that nudity isn't expected. 

I used to teach at a school (K-12) that had a pool. Since I had a key to the locker room (with access to the pool), I would sometimes go late at night and swim naked in the pool. I found out later on that one of male teacher

had done the same but got caught and in trouble. Eventually, they beefed up security and put a stop to all late night swimming (changed locks).Sometimes, it's possible to get naked in a hotel pool or jacuzzi when not many people are around. At other times, I've tried going completely naked from my tent to the campground toilet / shower - at night of course - while camping. Have stripped and gone skinny dipping at many places - public parks, state and national parks - Yosemite has some (cold water freezes your balls!) great places for that. The Big Island (actually part of all the islands of Hawaii) have many beaches where it's possible to skinnydip without offending others. Waipio Valley - out from Honokaa in the northeastern area of the Big Island has a great place where people frequently (spontaneously - not a regular practice and probably frowned on since there are 

Deserted stretch at Waipio Valley (photo)

tourists (from the US mainland - Bible-belters) but once you descend the steep road down the valley entrance (on foot - of course), you can cross the fresh water river that flows into the ocean, and go to the northern (deserted) stretch of the beach. I've seen many people get naked there (including me and friends) for skinnydipping. People can just see tiny figures bobbing around from their lookout point at the time. 

Kehena Black Sand Beach (Puna Coast, Big Island) 

Of course, my all-time favorite place to skinny-dip is Kehena Black Sand's Beach on Hawaii's Puna coast. It's not just about showing your goodies on a nude beach. It's a marvelous place where nature's splendor, the chance to swim with dolphins and see whales, mix with the convivial atmosphere of the local tradition of a hippie holiday romp on the beach - complete with all sorts of naked and semi-clothed characters - all of whom are welcoming, tolerant, and often buzzed.