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Thursday, April 9, 2015

Naked Camping for Gay Men

Camping in Hawaii

I'll be camping Dec 25-31 just near this place (taken last year). I sometimes wear my shorty board shorts while out on the rocky black lava shore of Puna, Big Island Hawaii. You can see that I am freeballing (and later got naked too).

I know it's not authentic.. but the photo reminds of those days when I used to go camping and also staying at summer camp. They look like they are probably freeballing.


If you have that long a time to spend, you'll probably be able to do the same on the Hawaiian islands -- it's a little known fact that there are quite a few county and state parks, in addition there is one National Park (Volcanoes NP) that have camp sites. None of those are officially (or even unofficially nude) -- but it never stops me if there's nobody around from getting that way. Still, the public park campgrounds supposedly require a permit - but in reality, I doubt that many people get one. As long as you don't camp too long in one spot, no one is likely to check up on you -- although technically they could and would if you tried camping on Oahu's Waikiki beaches or Kona's beaches on the west (and more touristy) side of the Big Island. Although if you don't put up a tent, you could probably get away with it on Diamond Head beach (past Waikiki) -- if you get up in the hill side nooks and crannies.

Of course, you have to watch out for the guys cruising for sex up there too [you'd not doubt be targeted]. But if there are two of you hooked together in one sleeping, they'll probably figure it best to leave you alone. There will also be plenty of places on the Big Island where you can camp on private property (if you not TOO noisy during the night[smile]). Now that gets the imagination going - fo'sure! -- I can just imagine what that Aussie dude was thinking because I know I would get turned on by the sounds of passion -- whoever it was going at it in the tent next door!

Naked Camping 

Camping, hiking, outdoor recreation are my favorities (along with scuba diving) so freeballing goes without saying. When I can, I also get naked too -- even when it's not a nudist camp. Fife's Ranch on the Russian River is a great place for that - except for holidays and the weekends, it's not too crowded and there is always 'space' to get naked down on the river itself. Some of the hot springs mentioned above would be great places too. I've been a couple of times to places in California and also in Oregon. Even skinnydipped at Yosemite in crowded mid-summer season one year. I hope to go nude hiking and camping in the Anza-Borrego State Park in San Diego County this winter and again in the spring.

Camping has such a special meaning for me because it was really while camping or at summer camp that I got to see guys my age and also older (like the adults and camp counselor) naked but it was the wholesome, good-natured expression of fun, self-confidence with one's body, and being close to other guys that was the most significant. I guess some of them were freeballing too but I don't really remember focusing on that fact. It was the
skinnydipping, or changing in the tent or cabins, getting ready for bed, and sometime sleeping nude next to your buddies -- those were times that made indelible memories for me that I remember fondly. I am going camping in the desert of Southern Calif just before Christmas and will also be on the Big Island for camping -- both of which will be mostly nude.

I used to have some land (an acre) near Pahoa which is partly wooded and the nearest neighbors are few so that I could get nude while camping there -- we'll be there the week after Xmas. Kehena Black Sands beach is not far away -- so it is a nude mixed beach --- with a lot of people there on the weekends -- and some cool dudes who love to bodysurf naked. Just up the road is Kalani resort where I sometimes camp out.. it's not nude camping, but the pool area is clothing-optional after 3pm. So it's pretty cool. This photo reminds me of my own teenage camping trips. I guess I 'm sort of trying to relive them when I go camping now...


Saturday, April 4, 2015

My Naked Mailman by Jim

This happened to me when I was living in Cornwall. It was early one summer Saturday
morning and I was up drinking coffee in my kitchen at the back of the house. It was already warm outside so I opened the door and sat naked on a stool in the doorway enjoying the feel of the early morning sunshine on my body. The radio was on playing some music and I didn't hear the postman coming down the driveway until he turned the corner and was standing right in front of me. He got quite a shock and apologized for disturbing me.

I told him it was no problem and I began to tweak the end of my cock - mostly to cover my embarrassment. He obviously noticed and glanced down to look. He asked me if I often went around with no clothes on and I told him that I did, whenever I got the chance. I offered him a cup of coffee and he came in to join me. He was obviously really interested in my body because he couldn't take his eyes off it - although, even to this day as I remember him, I don't think he was gay.

What happened next really surprised me - he told me that he had always wanted to go nude on a beach but had never really dared to do it because he was afraid of getting a hardon. I could feel my cock getting a bit harder as he mentioned this. He noticed, although he didn't say anything. I told him he was very welcome to join me in the back garden for a spot of sunbathing if he wanted to take a quick break from his delivery. At that point - and much to my surprise, believe me, he put his bag of letters down and started to remove his clothes. Slowly at first because he was quite nervous, I think. Eventually he had taken all his clothes off except for his underpants. It was too late for me to try to hide my reaction and by now my cock was standing upright.

I told him that I found it exciting being naked outside and that having a hardon was only to be expected from time to time. That brought a little smile to his face and as he took his underpants down I saw that his cock was already at halfmast. I tugged on his dick playfully as I walked past
him which made him jump a bit, then he followed me out into the garden. He lay on the grass at first on his front - which, as we all know, is the worst thing you can do to avoid a hardon. I think the fact that the garden was pretty secluded by trees and bushes on three sides made him feel reasonably protected and he slowly turned over to reveal a full-grown hardon. "Hope you don't mind," he said, "but I can't help it - it's so exciting being naked outdoors."

I then started to wank my dick slowly to see what he'd do - he followed suit. Soon we were both wanking and he came into the grass. A very nice sight, let me tell you. Then, as soon as he appeared, he got up and went back to the kitchen to put his clothes back on. Before he went back to work, he came back into the garden and unbuttoned his trousers letting them fall to the ground and then pulled his underpants down again, too. He was starting to get hard again! What an exhibitionist! Then he quickly redressed and went back towards the street, back to work.

Saturday, March 7, 2015

Has your friend's dad ever hinted at fooling around?

Has your friend's dad ever hinted at fooling around?

Countless times I've dreamed of kissing and sucking some of my friends' dads. I don't know what it
is, but I just love seeing older men get horny. I've felt this way even when I was in middle school, course nothing has ever happened.

One time I tried to fondle this one dad while he was sleeping. I was on a fishing trip with my friend and our dads, and one night I snuck into their cabin while he was sleeping. I knelt beside the bed, slipped my arms under the covers and felt the warmth of his body. He was sleeping on his side with his face towards me, and I touched his belly and legs, running my fingers between his legs up to his crotch. I couldn't believe I was doing this. I tried to unzip his shorts (unfortunately not sleeping in undies) when he shifted to the other side away from me. The fun was over. 
That's the closest I've ever gotten to fooling around with a dad, but I think others have been more successful at fulfilling this fantasy, both boys and dads. So I'd love to hear some horny stories, hopefully from both sides.

Re: Has your friend's dad ever hinted at fooling around? 

I Have Had Several Experiences With My Friends Dads And I Still Have Exotic Memories. I
Remember Peter's Dad, Keith Who Was Really A Handsome Man. He Was In Excellent Shape Since He Worked Out At Gym Several Days A Week. The First Time I Saw Him Naked..i Got An Instant Hard-on..and That Was At The Swimming Pool Locker Room...i Watched Him Remove Each Piece Of Clothing And By The Time He Got To His Cock Was As Hard As A Rock....he Had The Most Beautiful Dick I Have Ever Was Huge Even Soft...i Had Images In My Mind It Must Look Like A Log When My Church..we Have A Father-son Retreat...we Went To A Camp For The Week-end Of Hiking, Swimming And Sporting Was Great...anyhow...we Shared The Same Cabin...and To Make A Long Story Short...

Of Course I Had The Hots For Peter...but I Could Not Get The Father Out Of My Mind...i Lay There With A Hard Dick Most Of The Night....we Were In Bunk Beds ...i Was On Top And Peter's Father Was On Top Bunk Also...i Watched For Any Movement For What Appeared To Be Hours...he Would Scratch....of Course I Was There With The Covers Back Displaying My Privates...stroking....then He Tossed And Turned Toward Me.....and Lay There For A Small Time And Then He Jump Down And Left The Cabin To Take A Pee And I Just Had To Follow..and When I Got To The Bathroom/shower...there He Was At The Urinal With His Underwear Around His Ankles And He Was Peeing And I Just Stood There And Watched....he Must Have Known I Was There Because When He Finished He Began To Shake And Flip His Dick Until It Was Getting Hard...and Then He Turned Quickly Toward Me..with A Grin On His Face...i Was So Taken By The Size And His Entire Underwear Was Poking Straight Out..

He What You See...still Grinning And Shaking His Member...let's Take A Walk Down To The Swimming Hole And Take A Dip To Cool Off..ok
I Followed Him Down The Path To The Swimming Hole Where He Stripped His Underwear Off And Told Me To Do The Same...saying Let's See What You've Got...which I Did...i Walked Toward
Him And Dropped To My Knees And Worshipped His Hard Cock For The Rest Of The Night...he Was So Nice...he Licked Me From Head To Toe....once He Put My Cock In His Mouth..i Shot A Load In Minutes...and Stayed Hard....
That Was A Night To Remember...almost 40 Years Ago...peter's Father And I Would Have Our Little Private Times Together At Least Once A Month For Many Years...i Was Out Of College When They Moved To Florida...i Have More Memories Of Older Men...but This Was The Best....

Re: Has your friend's dad ever hinted at fooling around?

When I was a kid, I had a big crush on one of my Dad's sports buddies who I always called Uncle Walter. Dad and his pals were all jocks and kept themselves in great shape. Walter had been a Marine in WW II and looked it.

When Dad and Uncle Walter worked out at the YMCA, I tagged along on weekends. In those days, the Ys had mandatory nudity in the pool. No swimming trunks allowed under any circumstances.

Well, Uncle Walter offered to give me swimming lessons. So we'd be naked in the pool together and he'd stretch out his arms so I could lie across them and see how the water held me up. Which I did. And as I floated from side to side, my naked body brushed up against Uncle Walter's naked body. Fortunately this was years before puberty, so I couldn't throw a boner. But I was damned turned on by those nude swimming lessons and male bonding with my Father's hot best friend and work out buddy.

Re: Has your friend's dad ever hinted at fooling around?

My best friends dad did more than hinting just a few weeks ago!

It was my pals 18th so we had all been out getting totaly wasted in town, us, a few other pals and his parents. It got to after 2 when the nightclub shut, I was just going to go home but my friends dad invited us all back to his because he had some tins of lager and a bottle of vodka at home. So anyway its getting towards 6 in the morning, there is only my friend, his parents, another pal and myself left, everyone else left when their parents started calling worried about them. My friends mum and my other friend were both upstairs in bed(not together) and my friend was asleep/passed out on the floor.

My friends dad sat and laughed at him saying how he shouldn't pass out on his birthday and how he should be like me, still sitting drinking in the early hours with him. anyway we sat and spoke for a while and then he changed the subject to how i must have a huge cock being so tall. I just laughed it off, the guy is about 45 and a builder so i thought it was just friendly banter, until he asked to see it. I just laughed at looked at him like he was kidding but then he said go on, i'll show you mine. Then he got up, undid his jeans and pulled them down with his boxers. There he stood with an average looking cock right in front off me.

Me being curious, although having never actualy done anything, I too got up and whipped down my jeans and boxers, whilst giving my friend a look to check he was still out, but he was snoring heavily now. I looked at my cock, which is probably just a bit above average, its about 7-8"hard and saw it was bigger than my pals dad. He was in awe saying he knew I woulda been bigger. Then i went to pull up my jeans when he walked over and stopped me. He said how there were so many hot women in the nightclub that i must want to have a wank thinking about them, and to feel free. I just looked at him thinking omg this isnt happening. He pushed me down back into my seat on the sofa and sat down beside me and began wanking his cock. It was hard in seconds, about 5 inches but really quite beautiful. He motioned for me to do the same, so sitting there with my best pal lying across the floor feet away I say wanking with his dad. He kept watching as my cock grew harder and I couldn't help but look at his. I was getting really turned on but also really worried about being caught so said that i thought that was enough. His father wasn't happy with that and told me to go up to my pals room and wait there. I did as I was told since I was so turned on, as i sat i heard him putting off the lights and shutting the doors.

He arrived at my friend's room naked. I couldn't believe he was doing this in his own house, even though his clothes were in his hands. he sat down next to me on the bed and again began wanking motioning again for  me to do the same. So i pulled my jeans off and sat and wanked with him. Thinking this was just a drunken jerk off together I got really into it and got really close to coming. He must have heard my breathing get heavier and he grabbed me hand, much to my shock and began making my wanking movements much slower. This had the opposite effect than expected and the feel of his hand made me cum instantly all over both our hands. I apologised for that but he told me to shh, then yet again he shocked me by licking his hand clean, smiling at me and licking clean my cock head.

I thought I was gonna faint. Then he wanked himself until he came, again ate his cum(I thought he would offer his cock head for me to clean but he never) Got up, got dressed and walked out but gave me a kiss on the head, telling me we must do it again sometime.

So far nothing else has happened really exept he grabbed my crotch through my jeans the other day when noone was looking but we have planned to meet up when his wife is on a business holiday next weekend(or possibly the one after)

Re: Has your friend's dad ever hinted at fooling around?

When I was 14 15 16 I dreamed about my uncle
he's now 42; he's muscled not so tall and very hairy and he's so manly still now if I see him I want that he would take me hard. That he rape me. It would be great!
I want a dad too, who wants to be my dad? hehe....

Re: Has your friend's dad ever hinted at fooling around?

When I was younger and I didn't know whether I gay straight or what I dated a girl.Me and her had been friends for some time so it seemed like the natural thing to do.Well one night we got our families together and met at her house.The first thing I saw when I entered her living room was a very muscular hairy guy without a shirt on.He instantly came up to me and hugged me and proceeded to the same thing to my parents.Me and the girl still remain great friends and her dad knows my orientation and every now and then I see him give a glance my way!
"Your brother said that you were on a date with a hottie. Evidently someone's in need of LASIK."

Re: Has your friend's dad ever hinted at fooling around?

It happened about 4 years ago, when I was 15. I was sleeping over at my friends house, which, mind you. is huge. My friend lives with his dad only, his mum died like a year after he was born. So we were all watching a movie together. I think it was the Matrix Revolutions, at the start when all the gays, lesbians and straight people were dancing. I glanced over at my friend and saw he was asleep (this was like 4 in the morning) and so i took a cautious glance at his dad. His dad, seriously, was one of those hot, beer drinking, hard working bears. I'd fantasised about him before and I was shocked to see the bulge in the track suit he was wearing. I guessed it was the girls dancing and kissing. My boner wasn't, i loved looking at all the guys. Anyway, i glanced over at his Boner and started to check him out, when i realised he was looking at me. He told me the movie was making him horny. I told him it was for me too. he grabbed his bulge a few times and semi wanked and rubbed through the track suit.

I'd had hints before that he might be gay, or bi, coz me and my friend found heaps of porn movies in their closet a few years before that and i remember looking at some of the guy magazines.
He stood up then, and moved towards me, and once again rubbed the bulge in his pants. He asked me whether i had tried cock. I replied no, as i hadn't but was eager to try. And with that he whipped out his really hairy penis and started to wank in front of me. I got so hot form looking at it, it was huge and better than any i had seen in his porn stash. He reached down and undid the zipper on his jeans a told me to stand. I did, and he took my place in his chair. He told me to suck his cock, and with slight hesitation i looked over at my friend, saw he wasn't getting up for a long time and knelt down in front of my friends dad and blew him off.

Unfortunately, my friend woke from the noises we were making, right when his dad climaxed in my mouth and cummed on us both.
My friend never talked to me again, but i've been invited over countless times by his dad when everyone's away.

Friday, March 6, 2015

Watching my son


Location: Southern California, USA
Posted: Tue Nov 18, 2008 1:06 pm Post subject: Watching my son

I just found this site and thought I'd share this ...

In early 2007, my son lost his job and moved back in with me and my wife. Every night I took our dog for a walk around 10pm but, because I'd slightly twisted my ankle at work that day, I walked him around the back yard. I happened to look up 
(his room is on the second floor) and saw my son, bathed in the glow of his computer screen, from the chest up (he was shirtless). His arm was moving such that it seemed obvious he was jacking off, though I couldn't actually see his hand or penis. I was a bit surprised that it really turned me on. Now, he was 23 years old, 6'3" tall, in great shape, good looking, and with a new girlfriend every month. I watched him all the way until he shot and then he did something I'd never heard of before. He used his fingers to scoop up his cum and then he put his fingers in his mouth.

I "caught" him regularly over the next five months before he got a new job and moved away. He always left his blinds open and he also sometimes stood up to shoot into his hand, so I'm pretty sure he's an exhibitionist (though I doubt he expected his Dad to watch him).

p.s. Son, if you happen to be a member here and this seems familiar to you, I'd love to

watch you jerk off again. Every time you visit, I'll be walking the dog in the back yard around 10pm and hoping to see a show. If you want to let me know you've seen this posting, turn your computer display off and on three times and look out the windo w towards the garage. I'll flash my flashlight at you three times. If we both do this, we'll know it's safe to talk to each other about it and maybe even jerk off together ...


Location: New York, NY
Posted: Wed Nov 19, 2008 1:40 am Post subject:

That reminds me of a somewhat similar story, except it was me catching my stepdad. I grew up in a sub-division with a lot of split-level homes, including my own. That means that some rooms of the house you actually looked down into if you were looking in from the outside. My step-dad turned the bedroom on that lower level into an office after my older brother moved out. It was a nice set-up with a work-area and also a TV and recliner.

Late at night, before I went to bed, I used to grab a cigarette and smoke it outside. I was a bit of a typical 15 year-old rebel and I did it so

that my parents wouldn't find out that I was smoking (though I'm sure they knew all about it). It was like 10:00 at night, and I was walking around the back of my house and noticed that the lights in the office were on. I walked by and there was my step-dad jerking-off to some pussy porn. I was amazed that he'd be doing that with the blinds wide open. Here was my stepdad no more than 10 ft away jerking the biggest hard-on I had seen in my life. I hadn't really seen that much porn at that point either, and there was my stepdad, pants around his ankles, going to town. I had a perfect view since the room I was looking down through the window into the room. I watched him as I smoked mycigarette until he shot his load all over his hairy chest.

I caught him a bunch more times when I'd go out for my late night smoke. A few times, I actually jerked-off outside the window, watching the porn on the TV as well. It was kind of cool to think my step-dad and I were jerking-off together even though he didn't know I was there. I even brought my younger brother (he was 13) out to watch as well. The guy could be a jerk, and we liked watching him in such a state.

It wasn't until I left home that I realized he knew all about my watching. Apparently my pervert neighbor saw me and my brother watching my stepdad and told him at some point. From then on, my stepdad would purposefully flash his dick at me and my younger brother. He took to jerking off with the door open when my mom was out, so that when we passed by and looked in, we saw him stroking his big dick. 
And also he took to not cleaning up when he jerked off. He would masturbate under a blanket, that I'd later pick up and get covered in his still wet cum that he left on the blanket. Then he'd blame the stains on me when my mom asked.  One time he came into napkin, and then gave it to my younger brother to use to wipe his mouth with. Like I said, the guy was a jerk who apparently got off on his authority over the two of us. My younger brother got it a lot worse than I did. Eventually, my mom and he got divorced over a few things he did to us.
31, mwm, totally into voyeurism and showing off.

Thursday, March 5, 2015

Experiencing CMNM flashing: Ideas for hotels and hostels

These next series of posts might be interesting to someone who wants to be see naked by other guys -
particularly by str8 or clothed men when you are in 'nude' situations. I don't consider this blatant or in-your-face exhibitionism - for me, it is a sort of sensuous and partly innocent accident flashing or being seen naked (or purpose) where nudity might be expected. I find it even hotter and more sexually stimulating when the guys doing the looking are either supposedly straight or are themselves clothed. It's great when they take notice or when you can tell that they kind of like the experience (or the freedom and license) to get naked them. Many don't need to get permission and quite a few don't care or even notice, but you know never what will happen or how they might react - there are surprising results sometimes - and far from bad ones.

A few weeks ago a posted question came from somebody on another board:
I am staying in a budget hotel next week with shower and toilet in the hallway. Stayed there before and tried the basic stuff. Like walking to the shower and up and down the corridors in underwear, and even nude, but was, as far as I know, never seen. Does anyone have any creative ideas to show off or to risk being seen in this situation? Perhaps I can post some pics of your fantasy.

Here is how I responded to the guy's request for suggestions:

I had a conference in Honolulu and had planned to stay in a shared hotel room with a str8 buddy. As it turns out, my friend is not going to make it (his wife is coming along), so I made a reservation for a large (10 bed) dorm room in one of these hotels. It sounds like I might had more luck to choose the small dorm room (just 4 beds) since it might be more conducive to a break-out jerk-off sessions. I know I'll be horny as hell and probably not get a wink of sleep - just hearing out guys breathing / turning over / adjusting clothes, and the normal sounds of sleeping turns me on like crazy. I don't know what I'll do if one of them is audibly (or visibly) beating off. Still, I'd love to hear more.

I'll be at a hostel next week Feb 15-18. It's more like budget hotel with shared rooms 4 to 8 people in either co-ed or female only room.

However, it's actually rare to have a coed dorm room be that. single women at a hostel rarely stay in a dorm so they are most all male -- but some regular hotels and inns have larger rooms where guests/strangers who don't know each other share at least a WC/shower but also the bedroom (and lounge/ en suite facilities (kitchen / bathroom etc). Here are my suggestions for the hotel you've chosen: ( I think you only have a shared bath/toilet . But it really all depends on the actual place and how lucky (popular LOL) you are with the other guests).

Whether it's a true hostel situation or just a hotel that's cheaply built; changes how you can set up a flash - we're obviously talking about innocent exposure (and kind of CMNM - not a full-on shove -hard cock in their face). If you can do that kind, you probably would NOT be asking for advice. So it depends on the rooms (size and number of beds shared if at all) the layout of rooms and hallways, number of floors, how big (or small) the bath /toilet (in Europe (and Japan) , it's always separate but not in North America. Other important things are who are the guests - backpackers - young, free-minded and playful or staid conservative hardline tourist or locals who are just too stingy to stay at more expensive hotels (no offence - I'Ve stayed at many a budget hotel myself - there are many reasons to do so - than just saving money - friendliness, personal attention and a chance to talk to local owners (who are more likely to own and run it themselves) etc,..

1) Leave the door unlocked - even if you are NOT 'surprised' once when somebody embarrassingly open it while you're nude..for example they open the door and then close it quickly after getting a glimpse of you - (even though you did see or don't acknowledge having seen them) at least , he will know that there is a good possibility of it happening again (you've established a 'predictable' pattern ) so he might just deliberating sneak open the door the next time for a better look or just swing it back wide to give somebody else a look.

2) Stay at least 3 nights -if you can. Notice other's habits/timing for taking showering (or needing the bathroom) -- then make sure you're there before during or after - in some states of undress.

3) Sometimes you can time it so well that you can be ready with all your stuff and clutching your towel loosely around your waste.. and then look disappointed if he makes in in before you. if he hesitate just say you won't be long or you're in a rush to an appointment so ask if you can jump inthe shower quickly ahead of him - while he shaves ...

4) If it's the reverse you get in first but see that he was wanting to shower/use the bath too (he's got his shower gear etc). You can suggest he go first IF you can get started with shaving -- then you can come in too and strip naked and shave until he gets finished with his shower. and comes out to dry.
5) Use the shared bath/shower on another floor - then you have an excuse to be half-naked (skimpy towel that seems to be falling down by inself ) for a long distance... People want notice unless - for example, you ride up and down on the elevator naked to visit many floors.

6) Pretend to go to a room (on the same or different floor where you KNOW there is not guest) - you can see the key has not been picked up - there are not footsteps at all from the room directly above
yours. Then act like you're trying to get into visit that 'empty' room's guest - wearing only your underwear or skimpy towel -- you can knock of the door just as someone opens to come out or when the elevator opens -- knock and whisper a name but drop something -- bending over to pick it up you 'accidently' loose grip on the towel around your naked loins - IT'S OLD comedy routine but it works because most people are embarassed for you NOT because of you. If you clumsy -looking enough, sometimes people will even reach out to help you retrieve something - like the towel. and then you can turn to be red-faced with mocked shame... The problem with this one is that you can't be sure the person who will view is male or female.

7) Another way to so pretend to be mistaken about a friend's room number. Most people won't open for a complete stranger but if you are insistent and seem to KNOW a real person who you know is 'inside' - most people will open the door to correct your error - out of kindness - If they don't or won't, and just yell through the door then nothing's been harmed. If they do open it without speaking to you first, you can just pretend to be expecting your 'friend' and start to come in through the door - but you'LL SO surprised that the person is NOT who you were expecting that you drop your shower/bath gear and then loose hold of the towel trying to catch the shampoo bottle. It's better if you actually do have your hands full or holding some else because the 'normal 'reaction would be to turn or to try to cover your genitals.

The guy (hopefully you'll get one 50%of the time) will either look up at your face (either before or after he looks right at your cock). If it's noticeable he's not completely disgusted or seems to find it amusing, then smile and apologize and explain that you thought Hans/George was in this room and you needed to give him an urgent message - all the while still not covering up and even almost or dropping something else (unbreakable) to that the guy (guest) has to get down and look up to see from a 'better' angle. Your cock should have swelled a bit now -- so he'll show even more appreciation in his eyes or make it clear that he wants you to leave.

Finally...  Hey.. I came up with a lot of bold and perhaps successful ones -- I can't wait to try out some of them myself... Final suggestion, next time try a hostel - you're in a room all the time with men - so you can be as naked as much as you can get away with it-- the bath/shower is attached usually so you can freely go back and forth in the nude to your own ..

Nowadays.. I'm sure that might be one reason that advertize these rooms as MIXED or COED - but - in truth - only a group of women would stay in a mixed group room - usually then the hotel clerk puts
that group by itself. Also there are women only group rooms - so it's very like you'll only be put in a room with men. What I hate is when I am the ONLY person in the room. Sometimes if the hostel is not busy -they will put a lone 'wolf' - single older guys into one of the doubles/couples rooms (for the same price ) but sometimes I think it's just them taking a precaution - or out of respect for the noise that younger (under 26) supposedly make. Frankly I LIKE the noise they make - that's why I'm staying in the hostel (that and the opportunity to see and be seen naked). Still it is lucky to happen because most people are stranger than they are normal around strangers. LOL ..

I'll let you know how my trip to one goes next week.

By the way, there are many chances to do get naked in public bath (baden ) and spas or hot springs. In Japan, there are onsen (hot springs resort - where you can also get a day-pass just for the indoor and outdoors hot pools); there are even still pubic baths - sento - where you pay about 4$ to sit naked among or across from other men (sometimes young men and teens - but all ages) and wash and soap your body-- paying special attention to scrubbing your cock and balls. and then soak nude in the hot communal pool (after rinsing). It's a tradition that is rapidly dying out. Any ideas or experiences about a flashing at 8 person hostel room (it may be coed)? It's in Honolulu and I don't know the shower set-up -since shower stall or communal (I hope)

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