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Friday, August 15, 2014

Military Classified: Trenton

military classified aaron

Trenton is in college up north and was down for the weekend when he contacted Military Classified about doing more work. Rob was elated and told him "hell yea" and within days he was sitting in the living room filling out paperwork getting ready for an interesting day. Because he was on such a tight schedule, Trenton wanted to shoot two videos in one day. Not often done because its difficult for most models to deliver big nut shots in a row but Trenton... was a little different!
military classified aaron
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In 'Lockeroom Bullies' at, under the guise of performing a medical examination to check him over, Lisa and Chloe are taking all sorts of liberties with the naked boy. Sam doesn't understand what is going on and cannot think of a way of putting a stop to it. - Locker Room Bullies
The older girls scare the hell out of Sam and he's too frightened to cross them making it easy for them to take advantage of the boy's virgin ass.


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At CMNM.netJoel has mentally prepared himself to be as compliant and agreeable as possible to secure this job in the gym. He's aware that he is unskilled labour and completely disposable. - Joel Stripped
The manager knows how desperate Joel is to make a good impression so he decides to have fun with the boy. He uses him as a model for the client's gear, testing the fit of the sheer fabric against Joel's naked bare skin.


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Thursday, August 14, 2014

Sunday, August 10, 2014

Taking That Dick Deep at FraternityX

fraternityx take dick deep

At FraternityX they don't much like their pledges to give half assed head! So when they say get down on that dick they expect them to do it! So when FraternityX decided to give Josh's mouth a workout they made sure he got down deep and when they wore his mouth out they just switched to his ass!
fraternityx take dick deep
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